Artificial intelligence (AI) is always compared to human intelligence. The speed of AI’s processing is often compared to how much faster it is than a human brain at processing solutions. Humans have achieved their intelligence through years of learning and evolving knowledge. Computers, regardless of how smart, are relatively new to intelligence. Their knowledge retention capabilities lacked the ability to autonomously learn from giant databases, execute tasks, or make choices until very recently. Global New Clip brought us this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Powering The Deep Machine Learning.”

For comparison, an individual’s brain consumes 20-30 W of power and the newest learning systems are using power at levels that might support a small city as they become artificially intelligent.

The approach taken to achieve AI is similar to human development – computers continue to learn through exposure.

This isn’t to take anything away from AI. Even though it remains early in its development, it’s already being recognized as a vital and quickly growing application with potentially substantial impacts on our societies.

Melody K. Smith

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