Accessibility for physical structures is important and constantly increasing for those with alternative physical abilities. How about accessibility for data? This interesting topic came to us from Financial Times in their article, “Data analytics course for people with Asperger’s proves a good fit.”

Many people were introduced to Greta Thunberg this past year. Most didn’t know she had Asperger syndrome prior to the media blitz. Many consider Asperger’s a debilitating condition that limits their occupational opportunities. However in some cases Asperger’s can be an advantage, particularly those involving data analysis.

Typically those diagnosed with Asperger’s have an extreme discipline and analytical ability that can be key to tasks such as spotting flaws in software programs and data analysis. This makes them ideal candidates for the increasing number of technology jobs.

Because of this, the careers department of Grenoble Ecole de Management is offering a first in business education: a data analytics course designed specifically for people with Asperger’s. The certificated course, created in partnership with Grenoble Institute of Engineering and online training provider Campus Numérique in the Alps, draws on the curriculum for the business school’s masters degree in big data with additional support from specialist career coaches.

Melody K. Smith

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