Misinformation is the cause of so many problems, not excluding the constantly changing and often conflicting information around the coronavirusCNBC brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “Facebook, Amazon, Google and more met with WHO to figure out how to stop coronavirus misinformation.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) hosted a daylong meeting with some of the largest tech leaders to discuss setting aside their differences to work together on solutions to the coronavirus outbreak. The major topic of discussion was how the companies are working now to tamp down the spread of misinformation.

At this rare moment of collaboration, WHO shared information with the group about its response to the coronavirus and attendees detailed their own ideas to address the outbreak. Each organization agreed not to share each other’s internal efforts publicly because many of them are competitors.

Disaster preparedness was also on the agenda, including ways to spread accurate information to consumers, considering more than 77,000 people have contracted the coronavirus and the epidemic continues to evolve.

Melody K. Smith

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