EBSCO Information Services has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Zepheira – provider of large-scale, decentralized linked data infrastructure. EBSCO brought us this news in their press release, “EBSCO Information Services Acquires Linked Data Infrastructure Provider, Zepheira.”

Zepheira’s mission is to connect libraries, archives and museums by uncovering previously hidden data and insights for patrons and facilitates connections between library systems and the open web.

It is interesting to note that that the team behind Zepheira were leaders within the Semantic Web Initiative for the World Wide Web Consortia (W3C). Their goals was to create a universal medium for the exchange of data. They also co-founded the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative at OCLC and provided the technical leadership for the Library of Congress in developing the BIBFRAME Linked Data standard for bibliographic data.

The Web can reach its full potential only if it becomes a place where data can be shared and processed by automated tools and people.

Melody K. Smith

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