With any change or new technology, there are those seeking to take advantage of it for nefarious purposes. It is no different with the COVID-19 outbreak. ZD Net brought this news to our attention in their article, “How destructive ransomware attacks could represent the future of cyberwarfare.

With more and more people utilizing technology to perform daily tasks from home vs. the office, the opportunities for cyberattacks have increased. As citizens rely on the internet and other digital sources for information, social connections and even healthcare, the increasingly destructive capabilities of ransomware attacks could become a serious situation.

More than one-third (36%) of executives in a recent flash survey say that cyberthreats have increased as a majority of their employees work from home.

Add to that, it is an election year. National and state operations are vulnerable to hackers with a means of attacking infrastructure – and the ability to plausibly deny any sort of involvement in campaigns.

Melody K. Smith

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