Months into this pandemic and weeks into working from home for a majority of the country – wait, just weeks? I know it feels like forever since we sat down at a coffee shop with a friend or had anything but a virtual happy hour after work with our colleagues, but it has indeed only been weeks. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed work, school and communities, permanently in many cases, in such a short time period. The Scholarly Kitchen brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “What Will We Learn About Scholarly Publishing as a Result of COVID-19?

In the world of academia, what does this look like going forward? School systems are forced to start planning for the fall, regardless if we know kids will actually be able to attend. Colleges and universities are struggling as well.

In the world of academic research, there are new challenges. Gender is playing a significant factor in who is being productive and who is getting by. Mothers often are delegated with the in-home schooling and that takes away from their availability and energy to carry on with their own careers. A new glass ceiling will have been formed in this post-pandemic future.

Melody K. Smith

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