Enterprise search can retrieve data, both structured and unstructured, within the company. It is beneficial because it enables users to easily access organized information. This interesting information came to us from Tech Target in their article, “How businesses should deal with enterprise search issues.

Content without access is relatively worthless. Enterprise search is how an organization helps people seek the information they need from anywhere, in any format, from anywhere inside their company. This includes databases, document management systems or even on paper. Getting the right information at the right time.

However, just because there are powerful search tools available, does not mean that you should not organize your content.

Findability is the ability to locate relevant information and this is something that users need to be able to do. While not a small task, online searching does make it easier. Searching is more than just typing something into a search box and getting a result. It’s more about discovering things about a topic that you didn’t necessarily know you were looking for.

Melody K. Smith

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