Artificial intelligence (AI) is a popular topic. It is used in a large amount of functions both at work, in science, and at home…to name a few. However, AI cannot function alone. We still need human intelligence. This very interesting topic came to us from The Salt Lake Tribune in their article, “Don Gale: Artificial intelligence needs the balance of human intelligence.

AI just may have the capability of taking humankind to Mars some day, but it will not be able to do that without some human engineering along the way.

Just like when it comes to improving efficiencies of manufacturing and solving large global issues like the current pandemic, AI may speed it up but only human intelligence can reduce or eliminate the very real roadblocks that keep us from progressing.

There are some that believe as AI becomes more comprehensive and efficient, human beings may become less important. That is based on fear of the unknown, fear of change and probably some mental condition leaning towards conspiracy theories.

Humans will remain important and needed, though they might need to refocus their education to be relevant in the new and emerging technologies.

Melody K. Smith

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