Analytics are like gifts. Data is everywhere, shedding light on all aspects of life. Analyzing that data enables retailers to know what’s selling and who’s buying. It gives pollsters test opinions on everything from candidates to consumer goods. Analytics are valuable tools for doctors as they follow their patients’ vital signs. Sensors measure the changing weather and that data, once analyzed, informs agriculture, transportation and safety. This interesting information came to us from Inc. in their article, “How to Use Data Analytics to Better Understand Your Business.”

Of course, data is only as good as its ability to deliver meaningful insights. Today’s technology gives business owners more potential data points than ever before. This can prove overwhelming for some. However, they should focus their data collection efforts on the areas that matter most to the company.

Think of a business that relies on quick, agile decisions to stay competitive, and that covers most. Data analytics is key in making that business tick.

Melody K. Smith

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