Going digital means different things to different people and different industries. For instance, being able to access and leverage various data streams common in increasing digital environments is crucial for manufacturers and often a challenge. Industry Week brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “Blockchain Technology Adds Link to Digital Manufacturing Success.”

After all, access to production, supply chain and customer data enables manufacturers to improve yields, boost efficiency levels and capitalize on new manufacturing opportunities including mass customization.

Manufacturing is a broad category and most people think of automobiles or something industrial, but it also covers pharmaceuticals, food products, etc. Industries where data is more than important, but potentially life-altering or life-saving.

To ensure data governance, quality and security, blockchain technology is being used with success. Manufacturers need control down to the level of individual machines and individual data streams so that sharing, multi-location and real-time multi-party cooperation can be enabled.

Melody K. Smith

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