Artificial intelligence (AI) has incorporated itself into our workplaces and our homes. Our daily lives have fundamentally changed. This interesting topic came to us from Harvard Business Review in their article, “AI Is Changing Work — and Leaders Need to Adapt.”

This causes concern among some. AI is an entirely new kind of technology, one that has the ability to anticipate future needs and provide recommendations to its users.

However, a recent survey of 5,700 Harvard Business School alumni found that 52% believe the typical company will employ fewer workers three years from now. This poses new challenges. How do they continue to deliver while making investments in the workforce and technology?

Most tasks will still be best performed by humans. New tasks will emerge that require workers to exercise new skills. Training and developing employees in new skills could very likely require temporarily removing workers from revenue-generating activities. This investment in the workforce will bring value in the resulting productivity.

Melody K. Smith

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