The technology industry, especially the information management side of things, has been in the spotlight as it has taken a leadership role in the midst of this pandemic. The Scholarly Kitchen brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Guest Post — Leveraging Technology Partnerships in Times of Crisis.”

Issues like open access, peer review, data availability and discovery have reached a new intensity as researchers and publishers work hard to compile and provide resources, suspend paywalls and get critical research into the hands of as many as possible to address the global pandemic.

This is a real test of our abilities to translate these efforts into tangible action, not with the hardworking and mission-driven individuals working in our industry, but with the existing systems, processes, tools, and teams that make technology partnership choices a vital part of our adaptability.

From a publishing perspective, the system is a well-oiled machine, something that was not true a few years ago.

Melody K. Smith

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