Data has stories to tell. Those stories, when told right, have the potential to yield significant benefits in informational analysis. This interesting topic came to us from Tech Republic in their article, “Why plot-driven data storytelling is important and how to create it.”

It is important to learn how to get the stories out of your data. Subject matter experts can offer the skill and expertise, because it is not an easy task. There’s a reason data storytelling has become such a popular and lucrative career.

It is important to act on the data quickly. It actually depreciates fast, and quickly becomes irrelevant. Everyone in the business needs to be able to receive, understand, and act on insights from data in real time. The biggest hurdle lies in the organization’s data structure. To get the most holistic view, companies need to pull data from several internal and external sources, which can be very time-consuming, but worth the investment.

Melody K. Smith

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