Organizations worldwide are now facing a digital ceiling when it comes to digital transformation. This interesting topic came to us from Digital Insurance in their article, ”Digital ceilings’ holding many firms back from reaching transformation goals.”

A recent report shows that enterprises need to change their mindsets to achieve sophisticated levels of digital maturity. Conceptualizing digitization as an ongoing process of growth and development may help managers better steer companies through their digital adolescence.

The term “digital transformation” gets used a lot, but there is little agreement on what it actually means. Originally, the value in the term was that it conveyed the need to engage in a fundamental shift in the way we think, work and manage our organizations in response to digital trends in the competitive environment. While the need for fundamental change remains, the overuse and misuse of this term in recent years has weakened its potency.

The report revealed that companies know how to achieve moderate transformation success, but explorers struggled to realize their full vision.

Melody K. Smith

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