We talk a lot about semantic technology. But what does that mean in relation to semantic language? This interesting topic came to us from The Great Courses Daily in their article, “The Processes of Semantic Changes in Language.”

The word “semantic” refers to meaning in language. Semantic technology leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate how people understand language and process information.

Language is a tool we use on a daily basis to communicate with each other. Language has been evolving over the years, and with it, the meanings of words that come so naturally to us today. When we look at the vocabulary that is used today, it is easy to see how a lot of it is a result of words passing over millions of mouths over many, many years.

If we want a machine to understand our language, we have to go beyond the logic of the calculation that typically is associated with computers. Cognitive actions are the opposite of structured: everyday language can contain endless amounts and types of information, expressed in many different ways.

Melody K. Smith

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