Last week Peer Review Week 2020 was celebrated virtually. There was a plethora of resources shared from a variety of sources. We thought we’d pass on a few that you might not have seen. This information came to us from The Scholarly Kitchen in their article, “Peer Review Week 2020 Resources For Everyone!

Peer Review Builds Trust provided this infographic to demonstrate the complexity and comprehensive process that peer review journeys through for publication.

In addition, there is a comprehensive compilation of information provided on the Peer Review Week YouTube channel, including the feature video titled “How trust underpins everything in research” by Lizi Dawes, PA EDitorial’s Executive Managing Editor. It addresses the issue of trust in peer review, which is also the theme of this year’s virtual conference. We might think this is a rhetorical question, but often, it’s not.

The peer review system exists to validate academic work, helps to improve the quality of published research and increases networking possibilities within research communities. Despite criticisms, peer review is still the only widely accepted method for research validation.

Melody K. Smith

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