Facebook has launched a new research dataset and open source module that enable the creation of embodied artificial intelligence (AI) models. Tech Gig brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “Facebook launches new open-source tools for Embodied AI.”

Embodied AI is a term that refers to machine learning models installed on robots. These neural networks interact with their environment and often requires the ability to navigate.

The research dataset is designed to help robots find their way around intelligently and efficiently. The robots can use the dataset by analyzing environmental sounds as audio is an excellent data source that can be used to gain navigation inputs.

This is likely the first attempt to train deep reinforcement learning agents that both see and hear to map novel environments and localize sound-emitting targets.

I am not a paranoid person by nature, but I have recently watched The Social Dilemma and this sets off my spidey-sense. We should watch and see.

Melody K. Smith

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