Natural language processing (NLP) is the technology used to allow computers to understand humans’ natural language. It’s not an easy task teaching machines to understand how we communicate, but the market seems to be embracing it. This interesting news came to us from The Scarlet in their article, “Natural Language Generation Market progressive growth during 2020-26 by Arria NLG PLC, Automated Insights, AX Semantics, Conversican, IBM Corporation.

Natural language generation is a technology used to convert structured data into simple English language, which helps organizations to produce long-form content for organizations to automate custom reports.

Recently an “Outline of the Global Natural Language Generation Analysis Market” has added premium market insights to its enormous database. This report highlights global market growth in the past few years and offers a broad overview of the global market by offering business profiles of leading enterprises. In-depth analysis of market dynamics such as drivers, restraints and opportunities are also included.

Melody K. Smith

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