Data science and the professionals that further that field are getting some love these days. This interesting story came to us from the Sentinel-Record out of Arkansas in their article, “UAMS to aid $20 million statewide effort to build on data science strengths.”

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has received $1.9 million from the National Science Foundation to help the state establish a cyberinfrastructure platform that will improve on Arkansas’ existing data science strengths and competitiveness.

The program is Data Analytics That Are Robust and Trusted (DART) and it is designed to bring together Arkansas’ best data scientists in partnership with data-driven industries to focus research and skills development in data science and analytics.

DART will support machine and statistical learning, graph theory, bioinformatics, geoinformatics, parallel computation and distributed memory using high-performance computing for analysis of large datasets. Researchers will also have improved data sharing infrastructure and the ability to stream data to distant sites.

That is a lot of power in terms of both technology and minds. It will be interesting to see what can come of this latest data science foray.

Melody K. Smith

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