Artificial intelligence (AI) has added value to many parts of our lives and still instills some fears about the science fiction worry of a technology uprising. However, this is one advancement that as a shopper I can get behind. The Cincinnati Business Courier brought this to our attention in their article, “Kroger teams with artificial intelligence company Everseen to improve self-checkout.”

Grocery store giant Kroger has formed a partnership with an AI company in an effort to make the self-checkout process smoother. Ireland-based Everseen said its AI and machine learning platform began deployment in Kroger stores in March and is slated to be installed at 2,500 stores in the coming months.

The technology watches video in real time to recognize regular processes and intelligently step in whenever something is amiss. For Kroger shoppers, the technology flags errors occasionally experienced at self-checkout and enables customers to self-correct or, if they’re unable to rectify the problem, an associate is summoned to help.

Melody K. Smith

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