Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the front lines of so much these days. From helping in the global fight against COVID-19 to improving manufacturing, AI is rapidly changing the world as we know it. This interesting topic came to us from Coda in their article, “From mythology to machine learning, a history of artificial intelligence.”

Not everyone is comfortable with this new reality. Recent scientific studies testing the technology’s ability to evolve on its own has caused some concerns. With each advancement, new concerns as to who is in control and how it will affect the lives of ordinary people grow.

AI actually started as early as the late 19th century when Italian author Carlo Collodi introduced children to Pinocchio, a wooden puppet who comes to life and dreams of being a real boy. Granted, this is very basic, but you can see the progression over the years to researchers and pioneers using biology to inspire research in AI.

Melody K. Smith

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