There is a recent and significant shift to cloud computing, but the trend really started a few years ago. While it used to be normal for companies to own and operate their own data centers, the amount of business software running on traditional servers has gradually been reducing and is set to shrink to 32% of all enterprise applications by 2022, roughly half what it was in 2019. This interesting topic came to our attention in their article, “Why companies are flocking to the cloud more than ever.”

There are many benefits to moving to the cloud for companies, including reduced IT costs, increased flexibility and efficiency, improved security and boosted performance. Not to mention the potential for innovation and developing new capabilities – even during the pandemic.

With statistics and case studies highlighting why firms are anxious to make the leap to the cloud (at a rate of 85%), an investment in resource (both human and tangible) will be required to realize the most value.

Melody K. Smith

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