Businesses across industries rely on data as a business tool and that tool needs to be properly managed. This interesting topic came to us from PVP Live in their article, “The Ins-and-Outs of Data Governance.”

It takes a bit of effort to turn data into something usable, but the right data management tools make it easier. Proper data management reduces the risk of duplicate or incomplete data, inaccuracies in information, wasted storage space and the time it takes to manage data. Let’s not forget how valuable time can be.

Data management is best defined as a set of architectures, policies, practices and procedures that when executed manage the lifecycle of data. The practice keeps accurate, consistent data securely organized in a centralized, accessible place.

To achieve an effective data management process you need a data governance policy. It defines the people, processes and technologies that can access and act on designated information and under what circumstances and methods.

Melody K. Smith

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