Artificial intelligence (AI) can often be used as headline-grabbing for new technology. The focus is almost always on the technology, but there are workers who enable these programs — the people who do things like code data, flag pictures, or work to integrate the programs into the workplace — that are often overlooked or undervalued. This interesting news came to us from MIT Sloan in their article, “The hidden work created by artificial intelligence programs.

A hybrid of humans and AI is remaking retail, marketing and customer service. It turns out that AI, just like humans, struggles to make tough decisions about what content should and should not be included in our daily diets of social media, depending on what criteria or values we want to impose.

The thing about AI tools is that individuals in communities that are at the margins of society, people who are the most vulnerable, are almost always the ones who pay the highest price.

Melody K. Smith

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