Although nearly two-thirds of organizations agree that real-time data is needed for decision-making in business, companies often use data from different channels that don’t integrate with one another. This makes it incredibly difficult to translate information into action. This interesting information came to us from Entrepreneur in their article, “How to Use Real-Time Data to Fine-Tune Your Business Decisions.”

Understanding what data we need to make decisions provides a business edge. Improved confidence in decision-making in business is crucial to success.

Today, our world changes so fast that it can be hard to comprehend at times. We’re constantly bombarded with millions of data points that inform decisions—whether made consciously or not. Scientists estimate that the average human makes more than 35,000 decisions per day.

Modern business intelligence systems are not unlike our brains in the way they continually collect, process, and analyze incoming data. This is a big departure from a time when data was processed in batches. The continual process is the foundation of real-time data processing and analytics.

Melody K. Smith

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