Many standards and non-customized taxonomies are the result of one vendor becoming dominant in a market or sector. Diginomica brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Standardizing taxonomies can grease the wheels of the future’s Everything-as-a-Service.

A standards-based custom taxonomy can help you provide clear order to your data, which enables comprehensive search results. Standards are key to a solid taxonomy and comprehensive indexing.

In this world of cloud computing and digital transformations, it has never been more important to ensure findability with a custom taxonomy.

Controlled vocabularies such as those in a taxonomy, thesaurus, and ontology, are the main terminological resources that play a key role in developing the information architecture for online portals and search platforms.

Sometimes used interchangeably, taxonomies and controlled vocabularies are controlled lists of terms used to organize information. Controlled vocabulary can be used in any industry that collects and uses information, such as academic research, libraries, corporations, governmental organizations, etc. 

Melody K. Smith

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