Wearable technology just got more…well, interesting. This somewhat humorous information came to us from Linked In in their article, “Smart Underpants: A New “Brief”​ in Health Monitoring.”

Underwear has changed over the years, but not until lately has it gotten smarter. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) innovations in the e-textile industry, smart underwear could become one of the most reliable and effective ways to detect and prevent health issues.

The underwear current includes biometric sensors that measure things like sleep quality, activity, stress level, temperature and electrocardiography.

Applications for this technology varies and goes far beyond just health monitoring. Smart garments are being developed to diagnose comfort levels of amputees by monitoring the interaction between them and their artificial limb, assess patterns in athletes’ performance and deliver small electric shocks to underperforming muscles, as well as safety applications like waking up sleepy drivers on the road before accidents occur, with built-in fatigue monitoring.

Melody K. Smith

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