There is a mutual energy between data governance and cloud computing. The cloud has resources that enhance data governance, which is critical for many things, like regulatory compliance, risk mitigation and long term profitability of data assets. Inside Big Data brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “What Data Governance Means to Cloud Computing (And Vice Versa).”

From a standpoint of connectivity, data integration, data quality or cataloging, cloud computing is an all-in-one solution for data governance.

Simultaneously, data governance hallmarks of metadata management, data cataloging and data stewardship are important for maximizing the cloud’s benefits. Metadata is utilitarian for governing data in cloud settings. It’s particularly beneficial for assembling data across numerous sources to use in a single domain. Metadata also helps the data cataloging process, which identifies what data are where in cloud settings. 

Data governance is indispensable for making good on the cloud’s premise of real-time access to a distributed data landscape.

Melody K. Smith

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