Semantic enrichment is the process of adding a layer of topical metadata to content so that machines can make sense of it and build connections to it. Semantic enrichment can power tools to augment or automate peer review, editorial and content production tasks. Research Information brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “It’s just keyword tagging, right? Wrong!.”

Content in scientific articles and books is written so that humans can understand it, but computers have a hard time interpreting the nuances of human language. The ability to treat your content as a data asset and to enrich that data with meaning and context is crucial to making your content relevant and findable.

In research communication semantic enrichment can mean augmentation, such as an infographic, video explanation or other form of data visualization. Semantic enrichment strategically brings focus to the main message of the content, makes specific content stand out above the rest of the narrative.

The world is changing. It is becoming more complex and, in many ways, more advanced. New techniques for semantic enrichment are a response to the needs created by these changes. Data Harmony is Access Innovationsartificial intelligence (AI) suite of tools that leverage explainable AI for efficient, innovative and precise semantic discovery of new and emerging concepts to help find the information you need when you need it.

Melody K. Smith

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