How do you both measure and offer trust to satisfy the interests of business value creation and data governance leaders? This interesting topic came to us from Tech Wire in their article, “Trusted Analytics in the Cloud Starts with Data Discovery and Privacy.”

Maintaining customer trust that data would be handled responsibly in new cloud-hosted environments is a challenge.

One of the advantages of cloud storage is the lack of human interaction and interference. When cloud data is hacked, the majority of the time, it’s due to human error.

Data cloud storage was designed with embedded security measures. These features include automatic security updates and patches, built-in firewalls, encryption and artificial intelligence (AI) vulnerability detection. In addition, automatic backup means if any data is accidentally deleted it can easily be restored and recovered.

Making data both accessible and safe is important. Whatever you are searching for, it is important to have a comprehensive search feature and quality indexing against a standards-based taxonomy. Choose the right partner in technology. Access Innovations is known as a leader in database production, standards development, and creating and applying taxonomies.

Melody K. Smith

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