The importance of managing personal data is important to many nonprofits because of their funding approach. So what are their options? This information came to us from Illinois News Today in their article, “What nonprofits can get from a multi-cloud environment.”

Multi-cloud environments place data in different locations in multiple cloud environments. These environments are primarily public or private clouds, but can also include onsite elements. This approach is attractive to nonprofits because it gets the best parts of a particular service and mixes them into one offering.

The most agile and innovative organizations endured the disruption of COVID-19 by developing or embracing digital strategies that produced greater efficiencies and data-backed insights. Nonprofit leaders are eager to follow suit and digitize quickly and effectively.

While the multi-cloud approach can be seen as a potential cost savings, it can also add significant complexity to your organization if not properly managed.

One of the biggest IT challenges being faced by everyone today involves the management of large and ever increasing amounts a data.

Melody K. Smith

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