I am going to reveal both my age and my geekdom in this post. Ready Player One was one of my favorite books and the movie wasn’t half bad either. It tickled all the right keys of growing up in the 80’s – both the pop culture references and the early days of video games. What can I say? I had Pac Mac fever from the beginning. This interesting and fun information came to us from Quebec News Tribune in their article, “Science fiction or blockchain reality? Can build “Ready Player One” oasis.”

However, it would never have dawned on me at the time (or frankly when I read the book) that emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) were instrumental in forming a digital retail world like the Oasis. Irreplaceable tokens (NFT) is the source for digital goods. The game industry is very suitable for NFT integration. It will be interesting to see how this could be realized.

Thanks for indulging my inner geek, on my birthday no less.

Melody K. Smith

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