Data is all around us and unfortunately, so are hacker attacks. Everything that we do digitally not only results in incessant new data but also exposes our digital footprints to prying eyes. This interesting and important information came to us from Security Magazine in their article, “Unstructured data growth increases risk of ransomware and data breaches.”

Unchecked data growth and disorganization increases cyber risk. Every action, engagement, and click contribute to storage of new data. Broadly, businesses use the data points to build better products, make better decisions, and automate repetitive, time-consuming processes. At the same time, businesses are coming under frequent and increasingly brazen attacks from a diverse group of hackers looking to steal sensitive data and disrupt operations.

The rise of big data and the evolution of cybersecurity are intertwined in important ways. Understanding how they relate can help companies better determine what capabilities they must develop or acquire in order to take full advantage of the data they have, and at the same time keep that data safe.

Melody K. Smith

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