The applications of data analytics are broad. Analyzing big data can optimize efficiency in many different industries. Improving performance enables businesses to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. Data analytics has played a huge role in the banking and finance industries. It has been used to predict market trends and evaluate risk. Data analytics is also used to detect and prevent fraud to improve efficiency and reduce risk for financial institutions. It can also be used to determine behavior among animals. The Washington Post brought this interesting and informational topic to our attention in their article, “Which birds are the biggest jerks at the feeder? A massive data analysis reveals the answer.”

If you are a frequent bird watcher or at least provide bird feeders and have observed the behaviors in the avian world, you will appreciate the fact that though the interactions between birds in the park or at your backyard feeder may look like chaos, but they’re actually following the subtle rules of a hidden avian social order. We know this because of analytics.

Armed with a database of almost 100,000 bird interactions, ornithologists have created a power ranking of almost 200 species to determine the hierarchy. Despite what you might think, blue jays are near the top of the feeder bird hierarchy, but are no match for American crows.

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Melody K. Smith

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