When it comes to technology it’s important for business continuity managers to take into account what’s on the horizon and plan accordingly. This interesting topic came to us from Continuity Central in their article, “Technology in the workplace: predictions for 2022.”

Use of technology helps solve issues like file management, report generation and growth tracking that often hamper employee productivity. Modern workplaces rely extensively on computer-aided tools for efficiency. These tools help cut down both the time and money needed for getting the job done.

Incorporating technology at the workplace helps the employees do more with less effort. This saves both their time and energy, which they can invest in some other work. Also, cloud-based tools enable employees to stay at their work even when they are away. All these factors help employers keep a check on the productivity of the workforce.

Over the past few years we’ve seen companies undergo significant digital transformations, accelerated by the move to remote working. 2022 is likely to see businesses adapt to even more new technology.

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Melody K. Smith

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