Responsible artificial intelligence (AI) is the practice of designing, developing and deploying AI with good intention to empower employees and businesses, and fairly impact customers and society. This interesting topic came to us from tdwi in their article, “How Ethical AI Is Redefining Data Strategy.”

AI is built on the back of increasingly sophisticated algorithms and has become a principal component of the world’s accelerating digital transformation. AI can tackle problems in new ways. It enables a growing range of other new and emerging digital technologies. However, it still faces problems with data bias.

One of the more noticeable examples of unintentional, human-learned data bias today is around gender. This happens when the AI system does not behave the same way for a man versus a woman, even when the data provided to the system is identical except for the gender information.

Explainable AI is used to describe an AI model, its expected impact and potential biases. Why is this important? Because explainability becomes critical when the results can have an impact on data security or safety.

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Melody K. Smith

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