Have a great idea utilizing technology? The Million Dollar Challenge is calling on people to use graph technology, which can link and map out a lot more information than traditional databases, to find answers to pressing problems. This interesting news came to us from Techgoondu in their article, “A million dollars for solving problems with graph technology, machine learning.”

Announced last month, the TigerGraph’s million-dollar challenge has already drawn 1,000 registrations from 90 countries. Participants include data scientists, developers, product managers, designers, data engineers, machine learning engineers and students.

The final submission deadline is April 20, 2022 and winners will be announced the week of May 23. The judging committee is made up of renowned data scientists, distinguished engineers and experts on artificial intelligence (AI), knowledge graph and more.

Emerging technologies are evolving each and every day. Nothing like a little cash motivation to spur on that innovation.

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Melody K. Smith

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