It was just a few years ago that data science became very popular. There was a lot of hype surrounding the field, and people from different backgrounds were rushing to make the transition into data science. This interesting topic came to us from Upside in their article, “Move Over Data Scientists, Analytics Engineers Have the Sexiest Job.”

Things are starting to change and many more people are looking at data analytics engineering as a career.

The demand for data and analytics skills remains high as businesses know being data-driven is not just a competitive advantage but the key to business success in today’s digital world. Getting to useful data can be both painful and time-consuming. A data analyst is at the mercy of a centralized data team, waiting months for new data to be loaded into a centralized data warehouse. Alternatively, the data scientist has to spend too much time gathering and cleansing the data themselves and too little time on insights.

Organizations were digitizing before the pandemic, but the pandemic accelerated most organizations’ plans. Digitizing is one thing, but transforming and deriving the benefits of a digital world means leveraging data. Enter the analytics rock stars.

Melody K. Smith

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