Artificial intelligence (AI) is significantly impacting the world and still there is a great deal of unknown on the part of users. Is this because the public’s imagination has been heavily shaped by science fiction? This interesting information came to us from Future of Sourcing in their article, “Taking the Mystery Out of AI.”

Current AI systems, for all their computational ability, do not have the ability to understand and analyze context the way human brains do. Unlike humans, AI cannot connect dots and judge context to solve problems creatively.

AI and machine learning are already disrupting businesses everywhere and the pace is only increasing. For many leaders, these highly technical topics seem out of reach. But in a time when it is mission critical to innovate or be left behind, leaders must embrace these technologies. Finding concepts takes AI to delve through your document collection to identify and classify concepts and allows you to expand your semantic model to create meaning and relationships. 

Melody K. Smith

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