Semantic enrichment of building models refers to the automatic or semiautomatic addition of meaningful information to a digital model of a building or other structure by software that can deduce new information by processing rules. This interesting topic came to us from Research Information in their article, “Bringing people together for semantic enrichment.”

Semantic enrichment is important because so much of the value in the data that we are capturing is just going to waste. Data is being captured but it’s not always in a machine-readable format. There are solutions readily available that just need to be implemented.

There has been increased interest in semantic enrichment in recent years. This from our own Marjorie Hlava, president of Access Innovations: “The biggest change has been the increased power of computers. With cloud computing we have a great deal of power at our fingertips wherever we are. We are able to do a lot of the things people have dreamed about for years but couldn’t actually implement. The second biggest development is awareness. People are now aware of what semantics can do. Taxonomies and thesauri are very well established and are being widely embraced.”

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Melody K. Smith

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