Managing metadata can be a challenge. Metadata management for publishers has become a highly complex process. It is all about digital discoverability. This important information came to us from Supadu in their article, “Why is metadata enrichment so important?

Metadata enrichment can improve the quality of your metadata and can lead to success in discoverability. Increasing the discoverability of your documents and content is gold. Increasing the opportunity for findability and discoverability increases transaction and customer satisfaction. Regardless of whether you are creating metadata for a research platform or a product website, Data Harmony provides the capability to automate the identification, extraction and enrichment of metadata.

Data Harmony is so much more than just an editor; it’s a suite of tools to help you with your semantic search journey. The Data Harmony suite analyzes, manages and enriches content – so much more than a single-purpose tool.

Melody K. Smith

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