The healthcare industry has been and still is juggling patient care amidst many challenges – pandemics, supply chain interruptions, employee burnout, etc. While facing workforce shortages and rising expenses, adopting technology can actually help support these important public sector staff. This interesting topic came to us from GovInsider in their article, “How data analytics and AI can enhance patient-first healthcare.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to analyze big data sets – pulling together patient insights and leading to predictive analysis. Quickly obtaining patient insights helps the healthcare ecosystem discover key areas of patient care that require improvement. 

Wearable healthcare technology uses AI to better serve patients. Software that uses AI, like FitBits and smartwatches, can analyze data to alert users and their healthcare professionals on potential health issues and risks. Being able to assess one’s own health through technology eases the workload of professionals and prevents unnecessary hospital visits or remissions. 

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Melody K. Smith

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