Data integrity is top of mind when it comes to migrating data to the cloud. Security control and privacy has never been more important. The cloud does enable IT professionals to automate things such as asset discovery and inventory, but it is more challenging to keep track of what others are doing within a cloud environment. This interesting topic came to us from SC Media in their article, “This is not your typical data center environment: What to consider when migrating to the cloud.”

Organizations continue to develop new applications in or migrate existing applications to cloud-based services. An organization that adopts cloud technologies and/or chooses cloud service providers and services or applications without becoming fully informed of the risks involved exposes itself to a myriad of commercial, financial, technical, legal, and compliance risks.

Keeping data secure is as important as making data accessible. Choose the right partner in technology, especially when your content is in their hands. Access Innovations is known as a leader in database production, standards development, and creating and applying taxonomies.

Melody K. Smith

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