The field of statistics touches our lives in many ways. From the daily routines in our homes to the business of making the greatest cities run, the effects of statistics are everywhere. Quality Magazine brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Why Statistical Analysis Matters.”

Through data-driven product optimization, overseeing defect density levels and examining customer feedback and purchasing trends, statistical analysis can help manufacturing companies make better, more informed decisions.

Statistical analysis computer applications may use Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and machine learning models to enhance production. By studying product usage in detail, manufacturers can manage the production of components that lead to higher usage rates. 

IoT refers to the connection of devices that transforms a wide range of fields. IoT creates a world where physical objects are integrated into information networks.

At the end of the day, data needs to be findable and, that happens with a strong, standards-based taxonomyData Harmony is our patented, award winning, artificial intelligence (AI) suite that leverages explainable AI for efficient, innovative and precise semantic discovery of your new and emerging concepts to help you find the information you need when you need it.

Melody K. Smith

Data Harmony is an award-winning semantic suite that leverages explainable AI.

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