Sentiment analysis is a natural language processing (NLP) technique used to determine whether data is positive, negative or neutral. Sentiment analysis is often performed on textual data to help businesses monitor brand and product sentiment in customer feedback, and understand customer needs. Venture Beat brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Conversational data platform taps AI for sentiment analysis.”

For businesses, customer sentiment is not the same as emotion. It is an insight generated by carefully measuring the way customers feel about the product or service they purchase.

Sentiment analysis allows a business to know what it should keep doing more of and what it immediately needs to stop doing. Making changes to a product or service, introducing a new offering, or any other strategic changes can be made through this process.

Finding concepts takes artificial intelligence (AI) to delve through your data to identify and classify concepts and allows you to expand your semantic model to create meaning and relationships. 

Data Harmony is a fully customizable suite of software products designed to maximize precise, efficient information management and retrieval. Our suite includes tools for taxonomy and thesaurus construction, machine-aided indexing, database management, information retrieval and explainable AI.

Melody K. Smith

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