Emerging technologies are being applied in every business and industry, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear of its application in the dairy industry. This interesting news came to us from The Cattle Site in their article, “Nestlé explores emerging technologies for animal-free dairy proteins.”

Nestlé recently announced that it is exploring emerging technologies for the development of animal-free dairy protein-based products. This move complements investments the company has made in plant-based meat and dairy alternative offerings over the years to meet the growing consumer demand.

Technology continues to move the food industry forward. Growing concerns about the environmental impact of how we raise, produce and distribute food has everyone from farmers to big brands and manufacturers looking to curb their carbon footprints. In fact, 67% of food decision-makers want to improve the environment rather than simply not harming it. 

Many of the current food trends and innovations in food science and technology relate to sustainability. Adopting them also increases crop productivity and the safety of workers who are no longer needlessly exposed to harmful chemicals. 

Melody K. Smith

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