Researchers at University of Victoria in Canada have recently carried out a study aimed at clearly delineating the notion of a “safety-critical self-adaptive system.” As part of their work, they also devised a new taxonomy that could be used to classify different adaptation performed by self-adaptive systems. This taxonomy specifically focuses on the safety or hazards associated with different adaptations. Tech Explore brought this topic to us in their article, “A clear definition and classification taxonomy for safety-critical self-adaptive robotic systems.”

This is a perfect example of how taxonomies live in all parts of our world and can provide consistency and clarity to any subject.

Taxonomy is the science of classification – a basic means of understanding the world around us. Creating information order and structure is what a taxonomy is all about. Classifying documents and information against the taxonomy increases the likelihood of document discoverability and creating a positive transaction.

Access Innovations is one of a very small number of companies able to help its clients generate ANSI/ISO/W3C-compliant taxonomies to make their information findable.

Melody K. Smith

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