Data literacy is a key component of data governance. Understanding the data and how it is integral to your business intelligence enables strategic data-driven decision making. Tech Republic brought this topic to us in their article, “Why is data literacy important to data governance?

Data drives every business process, including sales, churn rates, supply chains, management and performance. Data literacy is the ability to read, work with, analyze and communicate with data. It’s a skill that empowers all levels of workers to ask the right questions of data and machines, build knowledge, make decisions, and communicate meaning to others. It impacts the internal operations and goals of a business.

Nearly every business is dealing with an incredible amount of data. But collecting it isn’t the same as understanding it — and we’re facing a critical skills gap.

Data Harmony is a fully customizable suite of software products designed to maximize precise, efficient information management and retrieval. Our suite includes tools for taxonomy and thesauri construction, machine aided indexing, database management, information retrieval and explainable artificial intelligence.

Melody K. Smith

Data Harmony is an award-winning semantic suite that leverages explainable AI.

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