Maintaining the security of your data can be a challenge. If you already use encryption as the method of security, you know it can be a pain. Not the encryption part, but the management of encrypted software as well as the sharing, updating, and, never forget, the backups. It is quite the ordeal. Business Matters brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Benefits of securing your data using encryption.”

Encryption is very important to data security. Look at all the data breaches, security leaks, and ransomware attacks that are costing billions to companies and individuals alike. Every responsible business owner should consider encryption software to protect their company’s data, clients, and reputation.

Organizations are maintained by dedicated people who have their own values and ideals. Those ideals may or may not align with the organization. This is another reason why encryption can be the best tool on your belt for maintaining security. Privacy concerns are growing by the day. If your company is not yet subject to data privacy regulations, you can be sure that it will be pretty soon.

Melody K. Smith

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