When you think of data, the concept of creativity is not likely to come up during a word association game, but data and creativity need each other. This topic came to us from Geek Wire in their article, “Blurred lines between art and tech: AI’s impact on creativity elicits excitement — and some fear.

There are obvious places where creativity is expected. In the world of marketing and advertising, where the task is building brands to engage individuals to seek businesses, it is imperative to keep up with the flood of newly available media arriving through digital channels and devices, each of which creates its own unique stream of information.

There is also data-driven art – an artistic practice that relies on the usage of a dataset to convey emotions to the audience. Because it is based on data, the piece has a more objective truth behind its construction and does not solely come from the artist’s imagination.

If finding an intersection between data and creativity is difficult, creating new opportunities might be the only next step. As more and more creative communications take digital form, there are more and more possibilities to organically build into them creative data collection opportunities. The challenge is to deliver what the consumer values while seamlessly adding behavior-shaping experiences in authentic and organic-seeming ways.

Melody K. Smith

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